Project Description

Vitamin C is considered to be the most versatile skin-active ingredient for skin with strong antioxidant properties, preventing free radical formation, increasing skin resistance, stimulating collagen production, controlling oil, Tighten pores , effective acne reduction, Provide vitamin C every week for the skin will help rejuvenate the skin effectively. The skin becomes bright and full of vitality.



Step 1: Remove make-up and dirt on the face
Step 2: Steam and remove oil
Step 3: Wash the face with anti-bacterial green tea extracts
Step 4: Exfoliation Skin
Step 5: Massage the face to improve blood circulation and revitalize the skin
Step 6: Apply VITAMIN C serum with an ultrasonic facial machine
Step 7: Apply skin-restoring anti-aging masks
Step 8: Apply skin-nurturing lotion and sunscreen