Project Description


Traditional Thai massage, called NUAD (nu – at) in Thai, reflects the long history of health treatments. The unique techniques of Thai Massage include stretching, acupressure, breathing and relaxation, perfectly coordinating with the comprehensive moving posture of Yoga. This is an approach that acts externally to the internal body, such as the muscles, tendons, joints, connective tissues and nerves that circulate the airways in the body and releases energy through the acupuncture points, which is good for the digestive and respiratory system. This also makes the energy of the on-site body organization accelerate circulation, improve the nutritional status of the body and improve joint activity, especially eliminates tendon adhesion;  makes people quickly recover from fatigue, while also reducing headaches, joint pain, back pain, sciatica or other diseases related to the bowel, respiratory, etc. These are common diseases for middle-aged and older people, and this program are very effective against many diseases likely to relapse.



  • Step 1 : Acupressure for body start-up
  • Step 2 : Massage, muscle stretching of the lower back, legs, arm and shoulder joints
  • Step 3 : Head massage, shoulder acupressure and arm muscle stretching
  • Step 4 : Leg acupressure and muscular stretching
  • Step 5 : Back and shoulder stretching with head message for finish