Project Description

Every day you are exposed to environmental detriments to the skin, such as UV rays and air pollution. You also suffer from constant hormonal changes inside the body and the natural aging process. As a result, your skin becomes dry, darkened, ugly, and unhealthy.

Regular body scrubs can be a good solution. It is actually a useful habit and well recommended by expert dermatogists. Body scrubs once or twice a week will help accelerate absorption of body lotion, brightening and smoothing your skin quickly.


  • Step 1: Apply a mixture of scrubs  on the body (prone)
  • Step 2: Apply a mixture of scrubs  on the body (supine parts)
  • Step 3 : Keep the mixture on body in 10 minutes
  • Step 4: Bathe in warm water
  • Step 5: Apply body lotion.