Project Description

Deep Tissue Body Massage

Deep Tissue Body Massage is a massage therapy using natural aromas as soothing agents. The aromas are extracted from different parts of herbs (bark, sap, roots, fruits or flowers), containing various medical properties for skincare and general health improvement. The combination of massage and medicinal aromas will increase absorption of vital substance via skin, enhance the immune system, improve blood circulation, loosen pinched nerves, balance hormones and relieve muscle pains.




You can choose the fragrance essential oils with your body parts or ask your counselor for the appropriate type

Step 1: Soak feet in warm water to reduce stress ginger oil

Step 2: Apply body oil heating

Step 3: the methods of massage, back , legs ,shoulder therapy  acupressure with aroma oil on the body

Step 4: apply suck up toxic hot stone on the back

Step 5: The method of massage, hand , legs acupressure with aroma oil

Step 6: Massage the head, shoulders, neck finish