Project Description

In traditional medicine, ginger is mildly hot in nature; it is helpful in treating common colds, reducing joint pains and muscle rigidity. The ginger body massage maximize ginger’s effects to revitalize your body and relieve your spirits. Fresh ginger, after being cleaned and briefly processed, is spread onto the body being massaged with natural aromas. Extracts of ginger are absorbed through the skin, gently appealing to your senses, regulating your blood circulation and eliminating almost all pains.


  • Step 1: Launch the body
  • Step 2: Apply body oil heating
  • Step 3: Massage acupressure  back , legs
  • Step 4: Massage combined with warming ginger, Apply warm fresh ginger on back
  • Step 5: Massage, acupressure hands , legs
  • Step 6: Massage head , shoulder, neck finish