Project Description


Orange peel, ginger, turmeric and lemongrass in a heated herbal package will help reduce pain, revitalize rigid muscles due to overwork and/or weather-related conditions, regenerate cells and heal visible scars on the skin surface.

More than just a normal massage practice, herbal massage gently takes effect on different parts of your body, creating a sense of utmost relaxation in every movement, improving your blood circulation and channeling more oxygen to each and every cell inside. The perfect duo of massage and herbal treatment not only bring the best results in pain-killing but also offer a novel therapeutic experience balancing both mental wellbeing and physical fitness.




  • Step 1: Launch the body
  • Step 2: Apply body oil heating
  • Step 3: massage, acupressure,  back ,shoulder, legs
  • Step 4: massage combined with herbs on the body
  • Step 5: massage, acupuncture publications limbs
  • Step 6: head massage, shoulder, neck finish