Project Description


Hot stone massage therapy is smooth ice cubes which are warmed and massage directly on the body to relax muscles , Our professional therapists also combine some massage techniques deep and strong on the body area , Thus, hot stone massage works very well in improving blood circulation , excreting toxins out of the body, reducing muscle pain , ultimately relieving fatigue and revitalizing the body after hours of work stress.





  • Step 1 : Soak your feet with warm water to reduce stress
  • Step 2 : Start the body oil to the body
  • Step 3 : The method of Massage, back , legs , acupressure with hot stone ( face down )
  • Step 4 : Treatment the muscles strain and apply the stones along the back waves
  • Step 5 : The method of massage, hands , legs acupressure with hot stone ( face up )
  • Step 6 : Massage head, shoulders, neck
  • Step 7 : Wipe clean your body , finish