Project Description

Sensitive Treatment Facial

If you have sensitive skin, including redness, sore skin or dry skin sometimes irritate your skin , But don’t worry , our sensitive skin facial treatment  is for you. It’s specifically designed to reduce reactions, while at the same time helping your skin relax and feel better. Helps soothe redness and sensitivity , Restores vital moisture levels , Skin is left calm and nurtured , Improves circulation and brings oxygen to the skin cells,  At the end of the treatment, you’ll leave with skin that looks great and all without irritation or discomfort



Step 1: Remove make-up and dirt on the face
Step 2: Steam and remove oil
Step 3: Wash the face with anti-bacterial green tea extracts
Step 4: Exfoliation Skin
Step 5: Massage the face to improve blood circulation
Step 6: Apply skin-restoring serum with an ultrasonic facial machine
Step 7: Apply skin-restoring masks
Step 8: Apply skin-nurturing lotion and sunscreen