Project Description

Among numerous skin-nurturing herbs, turmeric is considered the most powerful in skin whitening and smoothing. In traditional Chinese medicine, turmeric has characteristic fragrance and tastes bitter and acrid. It is useful to improve blood circulation, destroy cholesterol in blood vessels, reduce inflammation and regenerate skin cells. Turmeric extract aromas can help treat dermatitis and acnes, heal scars and whiten skin, so weekly turmeric bath is a safely and highly effective way to scrub dead cells, protect against bacteria and make your skin glowingly smooth, bright and healthy.

Turmeric Bath Procedure

  • Step 1: Apply a mixture of Turmeric on the body (prone)
  • Step 2: Apply a mixture of Turmeric on the body (supine parts)
  • Step 3 : Keep the mixture on body in 10 minutes
  • Step 4: Bathe in warm water
  • Step 5: Apply body lotion.