Project Description

Acne treatment Facial

Acne treatment with tradition medicine is now highly to its effectiveness and safety to acne skin. Natural ingredients such as turmeric , tea tree oil, honey, mint and cinnamon are combined in appropriate proportions to make a powerful medicinal substance capable of eliminating most all acnes. Life Spa has carefully researched, experimented and successfully applied this special treatment . The practice removes acnes without leaving pigments or scars, restores your skin in 7 days and brings a new, bright light on your face.



  • Step 1: Remove make-up and dirt on the face
  • Step 2: Steam and remove oil
  • Step 3: Wash the face with anti-bacterial green tea extracts
  • Step 4: Exfoliation Skin
  • Step 5: Remove pimple on the face ( Antiseptic skin with machine )
  • Step 6: Apply acne serum treatment
  • Step 7: Apply acne herbal treatment masks
  • Step 8: Apply skin acne gel and sunscreen finish